Gambling or gambling

Gambling and gambling vary in their nature of play and their effects. Although the lottery looks innocent But if there is a lot of bad influence May have a negative effect

This law only specifies the word gambling. But the world has changed a lot. There are many forms of gambling similar until the law cannot keep up.
Thailand’s gambling cards, dice, billiards, snooker Pau beans , baccarat ,Gclub, etc., as well as gambling casino Sbobet that Thailand’s long been known under the name of “gambling” and match styles as described in the Act.
In Thailand, gambling began 50 years ago by sending sweepstakes pieces. One item for people to buy detergent and a gold necklace with it (The detergent brand is sold in kilos. Because friends play on the box, find a chain first and take the detergent to weigh) and the degree is getting harder and harder until now. Mobile phone Each day And hourly
In the Western world, entertainment does not cover tourism, amusement parks like toasting, singing, eating food and drinks, etc. If eating to the point of having a small amount of money to play for fun. To get more money Which this fun includes both gambling and the so-called “Gambling” however Western people enter the casino for recreation because it is considered a form of entertainment. But most Thais and Eastern people enter the casino to find stress because it is considered to go to the fortune temple for wealth.

What is the difference between “gambling” and “gambling”? Lotteries and lotteries is gambling or gambling?
“Gambling” is a bet placed by the player. There is competition There are operators (the dealer) with the characteristics of negotiations on the benefits and disadvantages of both parties. As for the “gamble”, there is no competition. Has the characteristics of gamble No bargaining, losing, winning, losing, etc.
If things are played in a straightforward manner like this The line between “gambling” and “gambling” is clear. However, if players do not hope to just gamble If you dedicate your money and hope to lose what it looks like “Gambling” may become “gambling”.


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